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Hansa European Style Stuffed Plush Dodo Bird

Stuffed Plush
Dodo Bird

Hand cut, hand sewn and hand finished with loving detail for the lifelike look, sweet face and cuddly feel that is unmistakably Hansa, "Toys that Teach".

8 Inches Long
8 Inches Tall

Hansa Plush Dodo Bird

Dodo Bird - In the year 1598 AD, Portuguese sailors landing on the shores of the island of Mauritius discovered a previously unknown species of bird, the Dodo. Having been isolated by its island location from contact with humanity, the dodo greeted the new visitors with a child-like innocence. The sailors mistook the gentle spirit of the dodo, and its lack of fear of the new predators, as stupidity. They dubbed the bird "dodo" (meaning something similar to a simpleton in the Portuguese tongue). Many dodo were killed by the human visitors, and those that survived man had to face the introduced animals. Dogs and pigs soon became feral when introduced to the Mauritian eco-system. By the year 1681, the last dodo had died, and the world was left worse with its passing.

"The Tragedy of the Dodo" - Copyright 1998, 1999 David Reilly. All Rights Reserved
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