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Bat-Eared Fox
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Stuffed Ark Lifelike Plush Bat-Eared Fox

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Hansa Stuffed Plush Bat-Eared Fox
Bat-eared Fox

Stuffed Plush
Bat-Eared Fox

European style quality from Hansa.  Lovingly designed from portraits of real bat-eared foxes.  Hand made in small lots.

16 Inches Long

Hansa Bat-Eared Fox

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13 Dec 20

Bat-eared Fox - also called  Cape Fox, Big-eared Fox, or Motlosi  (species Otocyon megalotis), large-eared fox, belonging to the dog family (Canidae), found in open, arid areas of eastern and southern Africa. It has 48 teeth, 6 more than any other canid. The bat-eared fox is like the red fox in appearance but has unusually large ears. It is yellowish gray with black face and legs and black-tipped ears and tail. It grows to a length of about 32 inches, including a 12-inch tail, and weighs from 6 to10 pounds. It lives alone or in small groups and feeds primarily on insects, especially termites. Litters contain two to five young; gestation lasts 60 to 70 days.

"bat-eared fox." Encyclopędia Britannica from Encyclopędia Britannica Premium Service.

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