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Fiesta Plush Frilled Lizard Stuffed Animal

Frilled Lizard

Life-like look and feel.
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15 Inches Long

Fiesta Stuffed Frilled Lizard

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10 Dec 12

Frilled Lizard or Chlamydosaurus - Found in Australia and New Guinea, this lizard averages 33 inches in length and spends most of its time in trees feeding on insects and small mammals.

The frilled lizard is of interest because it can run standing up on its hind legs with its forelegs and tail in the air and because of the scaly membrane around its neck that is used in defensive posture. This neck frill, often as wide as the lizard is long, lies like a cape over the shoulders. When irritated, the frill becomes perpendicular to the body, enabling the lizard to surprise its enemies by suddenly displaying a head several times its normal size.

"Chlamydosaurus." Encyclopędia Britannica from Encyclopędia Britannica Premium Service

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